The Highland Games Through the Eyes of Flying Frames: Part 3

In August, the Michigan Highlanders and the rest of the athletes at the Sparta Celtic Fest were lucky enough to have the amazing photography skills of Todd Nagel of Flying Frames. Todd has very graciously allowed us to share his work here in a multi-post pictorial.


Bud Welton – Sheaf Toss


Shane Schuitema – Sheaf Toss


Ian Shaw – Sheaf Toss


Craig Tommola – Sheaf Toss


Jeff Patten – Sheaf Toss


Doug Eldridge – Sheaf Toss

IMG_1993ewm (1)

Brendaen Dinwoody – Sheaf Toss


Jay Holloway  – Sheaf Toss


Lincoln Miller – Sheaf Toss


Lincoln Miller – Sheaf Toss

If you missed the previous weeks’ posts, click on Weight for Distance and Scottish Hammer.

Athletes, if you’d like copies of your photos without the watermark, please contact Toddflyingframes @ (remove the spaces around the @ symbol) for details. And honestly, I think you’re going to want them. They’re all fantastic! Plus, there are even more at the Flying Frames site!

Also, Todd is available for hire for other photoshoots, so be sure to check out his entire portfolio while you’re there!