Martin Portko

Martin Portko began taking part  in the Highland Games after talking with John Tracy and meeting Jeff Patten and Jerry Bowersox while watching them compete at the Sparta Celtic Festival in 2015. Jeff introduced him to the implements and rules. Martin’s first competition was at the 2015 Muskegon Irish Music Festival where he won his class. He has been competing ever since, as often as he can. He lives in the Grand Rapids Michigan area with his wife and three children.

 “I fell in love with the games after my first competition. My past training in heavy lifting and weight training was a natural carryover for many of the events of the Highland Games. Plus, I get to wear a kilt–what’s not to like about that? I do whatever I can to promote the games and would love to watch more people get involved and help them grow.”

Martin Portko competing in the Weight for Distance event at the Saline Celtic Festival. (Photo Credit: Heart and Sword Photography)


Martin and his wife. 


Martin Porko with his wife, their three children and friend, Jeff Patten, fellow Michigan Highlander. (Photo Credit: Heart and Sword Photography)