Sport Kilt – The Michigan Highlanders depend on Sport Kilt. Lightweight, comfortable, and machine washable, (a must for competing in the sweltering, sauna-like heat of a Michigan summer) Sport Kilt is the only brand we use. The kilts are entirely customizable, and Sport Kilt’s staff is knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly.

“When I’m competing, I want to look good. Good form and Sport Kilt do that for me!” – Jerry Bowersox

“Sport Kilt kilts are comfortably cool to wear for sports, quick to put on, and if you run your fork through the Sport Kilt while tossing the sheaf, the velcro lets it tear away rather than throw you to the ground.” – Kate Boeve     (Safety first, people. Safety first.)

North American Scottish Games Athletics (NASGA) – Official website of NASGA which oversees heavy athletics in North America. Keeps all games rankings, rules, and results. Also maintains a forum and a large listing of useful links.

Grand Rapids Scottish Society – Exactly what it sounds like.