Christmas Tree Toss Wrap-Up

On January 21st, the Michigan Highlanders had their annual Christmas Tree Toss. Those who were able to attend enjoyed food, friendship, and as always, throwing around heavy things. (And then burning them.)


Just a few of the Michigan Highlanders at the gathering.

Kelli throwing for distance.

Josh and Martin throwing the holiday satchel for height.

Jerry throwing for distance.

Josh throwing Scottish hammer style.

Martin throwing both in the style of Scottish hammer and weight for distance.


Martin and Jeff – marking distance. 

Jeff throwing for distance.


Barb, Linda, Jerry, and Dave. 

Until next year…

The Grand Rapids Scottish Society will be hosting a Burns’ Night Supper

Robert Burns (25 January 1759 – 21 July 1796) a.k.a. Rabbie Burns and the Bard of Ayrshire and the Ploughman Poet (dude had all the nicknames) is considered the National Poet of Scotland. He’s also widely regarded as the founder of the Romantic Movement in literature. Well done, Rabbie. Well done.


As many Scottish heritage groups do each year, The Grand Rapids Scottish Society will be hosting a Burns’ Night Supper to celebrate the Bard of Ayrshire’s birth and his many poems and songs. The dinner will be Saturday, January 21st, 2017. Tickets are $28 each – advanced ticket sales only. Email for information on how to get tickets.

Former All-Americans inspire Kroll during Gaylord Highland Games

… So when she was among two former All-American college throwers during the seventh annual Gaylord Highland Games held Saturday at Gaylord Regional Airport, she utilized the opportunity to learn about what it takes to be successful as a thrower at the next level.

“It was pretty cool,” Kroll said. “You can tell when they do certain events that that’s what they’ve done before, and they’re good at it.

“I kept asking about what you threw in college and high school and what you think about this and what you think about that.”

Kroll placed second in the women’s division of the Highland Games.

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Highlander’s Dinner Gathering


The Dinner Night at Graydon’s Crossing in October was very interesting and jovial. I feel it met our expectations! It’s always adventurous to go some place new and different. We were very warmly greeted which might have been in part that we were all Kilted! The food was Scottish in Nature and the Chef who was prompted by out Scottish friends in Sparta, presented us with a specially delicious Scottish Bridie appetizer upon arrival! There were libations and toasting, more libations and more toasting with libations continuing thru the night! All in all, a return trip to Graydon’s Crossing is a mighty fine idea! They Rock!

Tentative Practice Dates

We’re asking Sparta-Rogers Park for these dates to practice there at 6:30 pm. If these dates are approved by the Park, they probably won’t change.
April 29 Tuesday
May 15 Thursday

We’re also planning dates for practice in Hudsonville – Hughes Park at 6:00pm. These dates can be changed by majority rules! If so and someone is left out, we could also do a weekend.
May 8 Thursday
May 22 Thursday

Pass it on to anyone interested.